Work safety administrative tasks

  • Preparation of risk assessment (first and repeated risk assessment at least in every third year, extraordinary risk assessment)
    • Machines and equipment safety risk assessment
    • Work Equipment Risk Assessment
    • Risk assessment of activities and technologies
    • Risk assessment of work places and design of work places
    • Risk assessment of workplaces involving screens
    • Analysis and risk assessment of exposures of employees
    • Psychosocial risk assessment
    • Evaluation of PPEs and collective protection
    • Risk assessment of hazardous materials and preparations
  • Preparing labour safety regulations
  • Monitoring the regulatory changes
  • Defining a schedule for providing PPEs to the employees
    • We determine the most appropriate personal protective equipment in order to ensure protection against the hazards and health effects identified during the risk assessment.
  • Defining safety warning labels
  • Monitoring and review of instruments of labour classified as non-hazardous
  • Preliminary labour safety evaluation prior to installation of hazardous machinery and instruments of labour
  • Periodic safety review of equipment classified as hazardous
  • Regular monitoring of work areas from labour safety point of view on a documented way
  • Organizing health and safety trainings
  • Defining the schedule for medical check-ups
  • Investigating and reporting the quasi-, work- and travel accidents, making the necessary measures
  • Cooperating with the occupational health service to be able to establish a healthy, non- hazardous working environment
  • Keeping contact with the authorities
  • Personal involvement in case of authority inspections
  • Continuous monitoring of labour safety regulations, giving related information to our partners furthermore ensuring the compliance with these regulations.

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