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It is now widely accepted that sustainability is a must. While many companies have a systematic approach already, others are still at the beginning of the process and are trying to establish who should be responsible for the area within the organisation, and what skills and knowledge are required to meet the expectations of customers, financial markets and stakeholders.

The integration of ESG aspects into corporate operations requires teamwork to facilitate the necessary transformation at all corporate levels, starting with the commitment of the management. 

Since it was established almost 20 years ago, Dandelion Group has rendered EHS consulting services to hundreds of medium-sized and large enterprises. In addition to operational tasks, we have developed enterprise resource planning systems, and in this context, we have committed to systematic and sustainable operations for the benefit of our customers. 

The same is true for ESG. We believe that integrating environmental and social aspects into corporate governance is in many aspects not a new endeavour, but rather the development of established practice on a new basis. Responsible corporate governance leads to predictable operations and business continuity, which support sustainability, as well as a positive perception of environmental and social impacts by stakeholders, which enhances market recognition. 

We are working to provide strategic support through our expanded activities to both obligated companies and value chain actors who, while working for success in the market, want to make a voluntary commitment to a healthier environment and society.

Managing Director