Environmental administrative tasks

  • Performing actual environmental tasks related to the operations of the company (maintaining internal environmental records, correspondence with the authorities, preparation of documents relevant to environmental tasks).
  • Data supply and reporting in due time as required in environmental rules and other regulations (e.g. Data to be supplied on wastes, LAL, LM air emission basic and regular reporting, FAVI – underground water reporting, etc.).
  • Keeping track of legislative changes affecting the Customer's operations, specifying what must be managed by our Clients), proposing necessary actions, and acting as a coordinator in implementation as needed.
  • Updating the Environmental Rules on an annual basis and modifying the environmental instructions as necessary.
  • Providing environmental training for staff once a year.
  • Calculating environmental tax(es) and preparing the necessary reports
  • Conducting periodic environmental reviews and reporting about the findings of the review, proposing required actions.
  • Keeping the environmental documentation system up-to-date, coordinating and monitoring records and the data collection system and data processing.
  • Monitoring the availability, conformity, inspection and maintenance of environmental and containment devices, accessories and equipment and checking whether they operate according to the company's specifications.
  • Determining the system of environmental measurements and reviews and coordinating and controlling environmental measurements and records.
  • Representation on behalf of the company before environmental authorities if required.
  • Attending site inspections and reviewsby environmental or other competent authorities at the company's premises.
  • Participating in emergency and recovery procedures if environmental pollution occurs.
  • Consultancy and availability in other cases / development, maintenance, internal assessment, audits, etc./
  • Continuous monitoring of waste management contracts, managing waste streams as required (particular emphasis on recyclable waste), finding solutions which are optimal from a financial and environmental viewpoint as well.
  • Preparing the annual environmental protection report (for the company’s management).
  • Continuous monitoring of changes in environmental regulations and environmental technologies and providing related information to our partners and ensuring compliance with such regulations.

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